Company Info

Company Information

SmartSpark is an energy middleware provider and developer.  Our power electronics technologies and products support electricity conversion and control between almost any energy source and load.  Fuel cells, batteries, solar panels, wind systems, and even grid-based energy sources require processing to provide the electricity needed by the energy customer.  We are agnostic about alternative energy resources — all of them require power electronics and most of our technology development is not source-specific.  Whether the load is a computer, cell phone, hybrid car, battery pack, electronically-controlled motor, appliance, security system, or home theater product, power electronics is the energy middleware to do the job.  Our areas of specialty address battery management, fuel cell power conditioning, and solar panel power conditioning, but SmartSpark’s expertise covers a wide range of power electronic systems.

The corporation has licensed a suite of power conversion patents from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, the world’s premier academic institution in electric power engineering.   In addition, SmartSpark engages in contract research and development in advanced power electronics.

SmartSpark began operations in January 2004 and is located in the EnterpriseWorks building at the University of Illinois Research Park.