Fascinating Sanding Wood Floors

Sanding is purposed to het smooth surface by rubbing it with something rough. It is important to do after wood flooring is ready installed. To get the best result, wood flooring should be sanded to get stunning and shining look toward the flooring. Since floor is a kind of wide area, people usually use machine to sand the floor. Sanding wood floors should be done for smoothing the surface beside for preparing the wood become paintable. It can ease the wood to absorb base coat or prime when you are painting.

Some Steps Of Sanding Wood Floors

Sanding wood floors process can be started by clearing the room from any furniture on. It means that you have to empty the room completely. It is purposed to get the corner and the whole part of flooring to be sanded. Also, it can make your furniture keep clean. You have to sanding the hidden part most of time although it may rather difficult to be reached. In sanding process, you have to choose the standard quality of sander which can glide and sweep over the floor with smoothing circular motions. By this, you can use belt floor of sanding machine which is completed with a coarse 36 grit. It is absolutely can remove all seal and also some level of the floor.

After sanding the surface of the floor, you can begin to smooth the wood with 50 grit of sanding belt. It can ease your sanding wood floors since it can remove more scratches than have been done by sander 36 grit previously. After that you can continued by using 80 grit sanding belt to get the best result. Since it is rather hard to do, you have to prepare sanding wood floors equipments firstly to ease your process.

For those who need guideline or tips about sanding wood floors, you can browse form internet or looking at catalogue or magazine. Choose the best and easiest tips which can give the best result toward your flooring.

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