SmartSpark’s Technologies

An an energy middleware provider, SmartSpark is developing products based on a suite of interrelated power electronics technologies.  A few of these are described here in brief.

BattEQ™ is a circuit that precisely balances charge in series strings of rechargeable batteries.  Charge equalization is an essential element of effective battery management.  BattEQ provides a precise, modular, low-cost solution that applies to all major battery chemistries.

RipCord™ is a nonlinear control method that can be used to optimize power electronic systems. It can make a power converter deliver the highest possible output from a solar panel, maximize the efficiency of a motor, or match a tuned filter.  It has important promise for major energy savings in power supplies and drives.

PulseLink™ is an inverter (dc to ac converter) method that reduces circuit complexity without introducing complicated controls. PulseLink is ideal for converting energy from fuel cells or solar panels to ac form for the electricity grid or other loads.

Sensorless current mode (SCM) control is a method that provides the operating benefits of conventional current mode control without current sensors or noise problems. It is especially suited to control of low-cost dc-dc converters for emerging 42 V automotive applications and for dc power supplies.